$95 a month puts a car in your driveway. Add for the miles you drive.

1999 Buick Park Ave  BLUE  (1G4CW52K2X4646047) AC AT 3.8/V6 PW PDL TLT CRZ Cass/CD ABS 2PSe Leather   4AirBags AlloyWhls OwnerManual  All factory recalls done.   264k.mi                 $95 a month/15 cents a mile.           

 1998 Cadillac DeVille  GOLD  (1G6KD54Y6WU715993) AC AT 4.6/V8 PW PDL TLT CRZ Cass TC ABS 2PSe Leather 4AirBags VinylTop  ChromeWhls OwnerManual All factory recalls done.   106k.mi            $95 a month/15 cents a mile.     

99 Cadillac DeVille  TAN  (1G6KD54Y1XU787332)  AC  AT 4.6/V8  PW PDL TLT CRZ Cass/CD   ABS TractionControl   2PSe Leather 4AirBags  VinylTop  ChromeWhls  OwnerManual   All factory recalls done.   112k.mi     $95 a month/15 cents a mile.     

2002 Pontiac GrandAm  4dr Maroon    (1G2NE52F22C262260) AC AT 4cyl  PDL TLT  CD ABS  2AirBags   RearSpoiler    OwnerManual   All factory recalls done.     169k.mi.         $95 a month/15 cents a mile.

1997 Saturn SL  3dr  BROWN  (1G8ZG5284VZ153271)  AC  5SpeedStickShift   1.9/4cyl/EFI/OHC   Cassette   2AirBags   PW  PDL  Cruz  Tilt  OwnerManual   All factory recalls done.   207k.mi.         $95 a month/20 cents a mile.   

2004 Ford TaurusSES  4dr  GRAY  (1FAFP55224A195733)  AC  AT  3.0/V6   PW  PDL  TLT  CRZ  CD   2AirBags  PSe  ABS    RearSpoiler   AlloyWheels  OwnerManual   All factory recalls done.     157k.mi.         $95 a month/20 cents a mile.   

1998 Ford Explorer  GRAY  (1FMZU32E7WZA35804)  AT AC 4.0/V6  RWD ABS  2AirBagS  PW  PDL Tlt CRZ  PSe CD RoofRack PrivGlass   Leather  AlloyWhls   All factory recalls done.   210k.mi.           $95 a month/20 cents a mile.                      

1997 GMC JIMMY-SLE 4dr GREEN 1GKDT13W2V2516231 AT AC 4.3V6 4WD ABS AirBag PW PDL Tlt CRZ PSe CD RoofRack  PrivGlass  AlloyWhls  OwnerManual  All factory recalls done.   286k.mi.        $95 a month/20 cents a mile.           

2002  Ford E250 Cargo Van  WHITE   (1FTNE24L32HA55246) AC AT  Triton5.4/V8  Tilt  2AirBags  ABS  6Doors  2Passenger  OwnerManual   All factory recalls will be done.   183k.mi             $95 a month/20 cents a mile.          

 2000 Chevy Cavalier 2dr  GRAY   (1G1JC1240Y7213530)  AC  AT  2.2/4cyl   CD  ABS   2AirBags  ABS  OwnerManual   All factory recalls done.   164k.mi.        $95 a month/25 cents a mile.                  

1999 Olds AleroGL  2dr  BLUE  (1G3NL12E2XC425143) AC AT 3.4/V6 PW PDL TLT CRZ ABS  PSe   AirBag  RearSpoiler  SunRoof   OwnerManual  AlloyWheels  All factory recalls done.     126k.mi.         $95 a month/25 cents a mile.                       

1999 Buick Century 4dr MR (2G4WS52M5X1513126) AC AT 3.1/V6 PW PDL TLT CRZ CD ABS  PSe 2AirBags OwnerManual  All factory recalls done.     151k.mi.    $95 a month/25 cents a mile.                  

2003 Buick Century 4dr TAN (2G4WS52J931148885) AC AT 3.1/V6 PW PDL TLT CRZ CASS/CD ABS TC PSe 2AirBags All factory recalls done.     104k.mi.      $95 a month/25 cents a mile.         

2003 Ford Focus SES  4dr  GRAY   (1FAFP34ZX3W285751)  AC  AT  2.3/4cyl  PW  PDL  TLT  CRZ  CD   2AirBags   ABS    AlloyWheels  RoofRack   All factory recalls done.     100k.mi.          $95 a month/25 cents a mile. 

2001 Ford FocusSE  Wagon  RED   (1FAFP363X1W272584)  AC  AT  2.0/DOHC/16valve/4cyl  PW  PDL  TLT  CRZ  CD   2AirBags     AlloyWheels  RoofRack   All factory recalls done.     96k.mi.             $95 a month/25 cents a mile.                                   

2005 Dodge CaravanSTX  Blue (1D4GP45R65B271149)   AC  AT  FWD  3.3V6  PW  PDL  TLT  CRZ  ROOFRACK  CASS.CD  7PASSENGER  2AIRBAGS  ABS  PrivGlass  eSlidingDoors  Owner Manual  AllFactoryRecallsDone   193k.mi.   $95 a month/25 cents a mile.

2007 Buick LucerneCXL  4dr WHITE  (1G4HD57297U195672) AC AT 3.8/V6 PW PDL TLT CRZ CD ABS 2PSe Leather TractionControl   4AirBags  AlloyWhls OwnerManual   All factory recalls done.   177k.mi               $95 a month/30 cents a mile.   


Requirements to lease a car:    Employed,   honest,  dependable,   local,   over 25 years of age.

To drive away we need your deposit, which is the per-mile cost x 2000.   After that your monthly payments are based on time and miles.

We do all the servicing and repairs.

The license plates and the insurance are yours.

Your lease time can be as short as one month, or as long as years.

If you want to buy your car, your price is the per-mile price x 20000.


To check for open recalls  =  https://vinrcl.safercar.gov/vin/

If you don’t have a NY State Drivers License, see this:   https://dmv.ny.gov/forms/id82.pdf

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