1999 Chevy Malibu 4dr GREEN  (1G1ND52J8XY168308)  AC AT  3.1/V6  PW  PDL  TLT  CD  2AirBags  152k.mi.    $3-a-Day+Dime-a-mile       Deposit=$295.       $2995   NotReadyYet

2002 Buick Century GREEN  (2G4WS52J021121752) AC AT 3.1/V6 PW PDL TLT CRZ CASS ABS  PSe 2AirBags 216k.mi.            $4-a-Day+Dime-a-mile      Deposit=$395.       $3995

 1997 GMC JimmySLE  GREEN   1GKDT13W2V2516231   AT  AC  4.3V6  4WD  ABS  AirBag  PW  PDL  Tlt  CRZ   PSe  CD  RoofRack    PrivGlass  AlloyWhls    OwnerManual  286k.mi.    $4-a-Day+Dime-a-Mile       Deposit=$395.       $3995     NotReadyYet

1999 Cadillac DeVille  TAN   (1G6KD54Y1XU787332)    AC   AT  4.6/V8   PW   PDL   TLT   CRZ   CASS/CD    ABS   2PSe   Leather    2AirBags   ChromeWhls   OwnerManual        107k.mi.     $5-a-Day+Dime-a-mile      Deposit=$495.       $4995

2000 Ford ContourSE  WHITE  (1FAFP66L4YK114244) AC AT 2.5V6/24Valve   PW PDL Tlt  Crz   CD  2AirBags  PSe  ABS  RearSpoiler   AlloyWhls   162k.mi.         $5-a-Day+Dime-a-mile        Deposit=$495.      $4995   NotReadyYet

1999 Olds AleroGL 2dr BLUE (1G3NL12E2XC425143) AC AT 3.4V6 PW PDL TLT CRUZ AirBag ABS PSe RearSpoiler SunRoof OwnerManual AlloyWhls   122k.mi.    $5-a-Day+Dime-a-mile      Deposit=$495.       $4995

2000 Chevy Cavalier 2dr GRAY  (1G1JC1240Y7213530) AC AT 2.2/4cyl   CD 2AirBags ABS   OwnerManual   151k.mi.            $6-a-Day+Dime-a-mile       Deposit=$595.      $5995

2001 Buick LeSabre Custom BLUE    (1G4HP54K014199371)    AC   AT   3.8/V6   PW   PDL   TLT   CRZ   CASS/CD    ABS   2PSe   Leather    4AirBags   ChromeWhls   OwnerManual        170k.mi.     $6-a-Day+Dime-a-mile      Deposit=$595.       $5995

2001 Mercury Sable LSPremium GRAY (1MEFM55S81A603469) AC AT 3.0/24ValveV6 PW PDL TLT CRZ Cass/Multi-CD 2AirBags PSe Leather    SunRoof AdjustiblePedals    AlloyWhls    OwnerManual    194k.mi.            $6-a-Day+Dime-a-mile      Deposit=$595.       $5995

2001 Buick Park Ave  TAN   (1G4CW54K114149804) AC AT 3.8/V6 PW PDL TLT CRZ  Cass/CD  ABS 2PSe Leather  4AirBags  AlloyWhls   126k.mi.           $7-a-Day+Dime-a-mile     Deposit=$695.       $6995

2002 Buick Century TAN  (2G4WS52J931148885) AC AT 3.1/V6 PW PDL TLT CRZ CASS/CD ABS  TC  PSe 2AirBags 104k.mi.             $7-a-Day+Dime-a-mile      Deposit=$695.       $6995

2003 Ford FocusSE  4dr  GRAY  (1FAFP34ZX3W285751) AC AT 2.3/4cyl  PW PDL TLT CRZ CD 2AirBags ABS   AlloyWhls     95k.mi.        $8-a-Day+Dime-a-mile     Deposit=$795.     $7995

2003 Ford TaurusSES  GRAY  (1FAFP55243G237430) AC AT 3.0/V6 PW PDL TLT CRZ CD 2AirBags ABS  PSe   AlloyWhls     108k.mi.        $8-a-Day+Dime-a-mile     Deposit=$795.     $7995

2007 Buick LucerneCXL  WHITE  (1G4HD57297U195672) AC AT 3.8/V6 PW PDL TLT CRZ  CD  ABS 2PSe Leather  TracControl  4AirBags  AlloyWhls   OwnerManual  174k.mi.     $10-a-Day+Dime-a-mile     Deposit=$995.       $9995

Our leasing is for local use.   We will help you register  it and switch your insurance.   We require $500,000 liability,  $200 deductible comprehensive and collision,  and towing.   To save you money,  Noecker66 is named  as “additional insured” and “loss payee”.

 Pick  your car  and  pay the deposit.   If you have a trade-in,  it can be  part of  your deposit.

Every 30 days, come in  for free  servicing,  and make  your  payment. 


1999 Buick Riviera BLACK  (1G4GD2212X4700413) AC AT 3.8/SUPERCHARGED/V6 PW PDL TLT CRZ  Cass/CD  ABS 2PSe Leather  2AirBags  SunRoof  AlloyWhls   OwnerManual   82k.mi.    NotReadyYet











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