1997 GMC Jimmy SLE  GREEN  (1GKDT13W2V2516231)  AC AT 4.3/V6  4WD  PW PDL TLT CRZ  CD ABS PSe  RoofRack  AirBagPrivGlass   AlloyWhls  OwnerManual    286k.mi.                     $4/day+       2000.

1997 Ford ExplorerSportLTD  FROSTY    (1FMDU35PEVZA49687) AC AT 5.0V8 AWD PW  PDL TLT CRZ  RoofRack Cass/8CD  2PSe  CustomRearBumper   2AirBags  ABS  SunRoof  Leather  RunningBoads  PrivGlass  AlloyWhls  OwnerManual   227k.mi.                       $4/day+mi.                   2000.

1999 Chevy Malibu 4dr  GREEN    (1G1ND52J8XY168308) AC AT 3.1/V6 PW PDL TLT  CD    2AirBags 148K.mi.           $4/day+mi.             2000.

2000 Pontiac GrandPrix GT 2dr BLACK   (1G2WP12K9YF189867) AC AT 3.8/V6 PW PDL TLT CRZ TC  Cass/CD ABS PSe  2AirBags SunRoof  RearSpoiler   AlloyWhls     206k.mi.             $4/day+mi.     2000.

2002 Buick Century GREEN  (2G4WS52J021121752) AC AT 3.1/V6 PW PDL TLT CRZ CASS ABS  PSe 2AirBags 216k.mi.           $4/day+mi.           2000.

2001 Pontiac SunfireSE 2dr RED (1G2JB124717277102) AC AT 2.2/4cyl TLT CD 2AirBags ABS RearSpoiler OwnerManual 240k.mi.         $5/day+mi.     2500.

2001 Ford FocusSE Wagon RED (1FAFP363X1W272584) AC AT   2.0/16valve/4cyl   PW  PDL  TLT  CRZ  CD 2AirBags   AlloyWhls   RoofRack  94k.mi     $5/day+mi.   2500.

2001 Mercury Sable LSPremium GRAY (1MEFM55S81A603469) AC AT 3.0/24ValveV6 PW PDL TLT CRZ Cass/Multi-CD 2AirBags PSe Leather    SunRoof AdjustiblePedals    AlloyWhls       OwnerManual    194k.mi.       $5/day+mi.    2500.

2003 Chevy MonteCarloLS 2dr BROWN (2G1WW12E039147705) AC AT 3.4/V6 PW PDL TLT CRZ CD ABS PSe  2AirBags  AlloyWhls     187k.mi.                      $5/day+mi.    2500.

1999 Olds AleroGL 2dr BLUE (1G3NL12E2XC425143) AC AT 3.4V6 PW PDL TLT CRUZ AirBag ABS PSe RearSpoiler SunRoof OwnerManual AlloyWhls 122k.mi.         $5.50/day+mi.    2750.        Ready to go

1997 Buick LeSabre Custom WHITE    (1G4HP52K4VH418317) AC AT 3.8/V6 PW PDL TLT CRZ CASS ABS PSe Leather  2AirBags  AlloyWhls   OwnerManual   179k.mi.            $5.50/day+mi.    2750.

2003 Buick Century TAN (2G4WS52J931148885) AC AT 3.1/V6 PW PDL TLT CRZ CASS/CD ABS TC PSe 2AirBags 103k.mi.             $6/day+mi.     3000.

2003 Ford Focus SE GRAY (1FAFP34ZX3W285751)  AC   AT 2.3/4cyl  PW  PDL  TLT  CRZ  CD  2AirBags  AlloyWhls 90k.mi.        $6/day+mi.     3000.      Ready to go

2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser GRAY (3A4FY48B16T237425) AC AT 2.4/4cyl PW PDL TLT CD 2AirBags OwnerManual 170k.mi.        $6/day+mi.     3000.      Ready to go

2005 Dodge CaravanSXT  BLUE  (1D4GP45R65B271149) AC AT 3.3V6 FWD PDL TLT CRZ  RoofRack Cass/CD  7Pass 2AirBags PrivGlass  2SlidingDoors  170k.mi.                     $7/day+mi.         3500.     Ready to go

1999 Ford Ranger XLT  Pick-Up  RED  (1FTZR15X1XTA47345)  AC  AT  4.0/StraightSix  4WD  4doors  CD  2AirBags  ABS  PrivGlass  RearSlidingGlass  5Passenger  AlloyWhls  OwnerManual  104k.mi.         $7/day+mi.     3500.     Ready-To-Go

Pick the car you want, pay the deposit, drive away.   Every 30 days bring your car in for a free check-up and make your monthly payment.    Servicing and repairs are free.  

Minimum is one month.

Insurance required is $500,000 liability, and $200 deductible comprehensive and collision, plus towing.   We are named  as “Additional Insured” and “Loss Payee”. 

If you lease the same car for 36 months, we’ll give it to you free.

No drivers under age 25. 

Our leasing is for local use.    If you have to be towed, it is at YOUR expense, so make sure towing is on your insurance.

The deposit is 100 x the daily price.  You get it back.

Click for pictures of some of our cars already out on lease


2008 Buick Enclave CXL  BLACK  (5GAEV23758J217837) AC AT 3.6V6 AWD PDL TLT/Telescope  CRZ  CD  2PwrSeats  7Pass   Leather  6AirBags  PowerTailgate   PrivGlass  RearBackupCamera    61k.mi.             $              15000.

2002 VW PassatGLS  GREEN   (WVWPD63B12P139115) AC AT 1.8tURBO/4CYL  PW PDL TLT CRUZ  TC  Cass/CD  4AirBagS ABS  OwnerManual  203k.mi.                         $7/day+mi.    3500.