Lease a car and leave your problems to us.
To drive away, pay the deposit. 
Then every 30 days, come back and pay for the time and miles you just drove.
Your car is for local use. If you want to go farther away, the deposit is double.
We do all the maintenance and repairs for free.
The plates and insurance are yours.
Switch to a different car any time, free. 
Minimum charge is one month.  

2000 Chevy Cavalier 2dr  GRAY   (1G1JC1240Y7213530)  AC  AT  2.2/4cyl   CD  ABS   2AirBags  ABS  OwnerManual      164k.mi.   RecallsDone.   $225/month,  dime a mile      $450 dep.

1996 Honda Accord 4dr    Lt/Gy   (1HGCD5664TA268169)   AC  AT  2.2/4cyl    PW  PDL  TLT  CRZ  CD    2AirBags   Sunroof   Leather     AlloyWheels  OwnerManual     176k.mi.    RecallsDone.      $225/month, dime a mile.        $450 dep.

1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Lauredo  GOLD  (1J4GZ58S9SC746191)  AC  AT  4WD  4.0StraightSix  PW  PDL  TLT  CRZ  AirBag  ABS  AlloyWhls  SunRoof  LuggageRack    233k.mi.   RecallsDone.    $225/month, dime a mile.       $450 dep. 

2003 Buick Century 4dr TAN (2G4WS52J931148885) AC AT 3.1/V6 PW PDL TLT CRZ CASS/CD ABS TC PSe 2AirBags       105k.mi.  TwoRecallsStillDue.   $225/month, dime a mile       $450 dep.

2003 Chevy ImpalaLS   WHITE  4dr    (2G1WH52K339146068)  AC  AT  3.8/V6   PW  PDL  TLT  CRZ  CD  TC   2AirBags  2PSe  ABS   Sunroof   RearSpoiler   AlloyWheels  OwnerManual    172k.mi.   TwoRecallsStillDue.           $225/month, dime a mile.       $450 dep.

2005 Dodge CaravanSTX  Blue (1D4GP45R65B271149)   AC  AT  FWD  3.3V6  PW  PDL  TLT  CRZ  ROOFRACK  CASS.CD  7PASSENGER  2AIRBAGS  ABS  PrivGlass  eSlidingDoors  Owner Manual    AllRecallsDone   194k.mi.      $325/month, dime a mile        $650 dep.


Our lease customers seem to live longer that other people do.   They are always cheerful,  never depressed,   and when they come in,  we enjoy  listening to them tell about all the things they are doing with their lives.


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2002 Ford F150-XLT Triton Sport PickUpTruck   BLACK  (1FTRX18W62NB25978)   AC  AT  4WD   V8  PW  PDL  TLT  CRZ  PSe   Hitch  SlidingBackGlass   2AirBags   ABS    AlloyWheels  6Passenger   All factory recalls will be done.     ???k.mi.    One factory recall due.    title yes         not ready  

 2007  Ford EscapeXLT    (1FMYU93127KC05328) AC AT 3.0L/V6   PW PDL TLT CRZ  ABS PSe 2AirBags  5Passenger  TintedGlass  RunningBoards   AlloyWhls      No factory recalls due.   285k.mi     No factory recalls due    no title    not ready

2000 Chevy ImpalaLS  BLUE  4dr    (2G1WF55K8Y9307488)  AC  AT  3.8/V6   PW  PDL  TLT  2AirBags  PSe  TC ABS    177k.mi.    TWO factory recalls due.      no title         not ready